OTK, OTS, OMGHHKP, IDK man I can’t keep up with all the acronyms these days.  I do know, however, that when I find one I like, I stick with it for a while and comment it everywhere on social media, and I try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible (that is, when it’s related to clothing).  So when people started talking about “OTS this” and “OTS that”, I had to find out what it was so I could love it as well!  OTS stands for “off the shoulder” and this is one trend I’m totally diggin’ for summer time! You know those clothing pieces that make you say “I’ll just buy one of them” and then you end up buying like twenty?  Yep, that’s exactly what has happened with the OTS style.  I began with just one top before summer even began.  Then suddenly, I had a… View Post

When I was younger, everyone suggested that I play basketball or volleyball.  I didn’t enjoy either of them, because I’m not a sports person (unless it’s dancing), but the reasoning behind the suggestion was because I was tall.  I was definitely taller-than-average as a pre-teen, and even into my teenage and adult years I was seen as a giant to some – though I’m actually only 5’6″.  My body build is long and lean, with very little curves, and that has made it a challenge to wear many different kinds of clothing.  I’ve had to search for pants that actually go all the way to my ankles,  and bodysuits and one-piece swimwear are pretty much out of the question because of my long torso!  This has been such a struggle this summer, since one-piece swimsuits have been the top trend, for sure!  I have searched many a store rack for a one-piece that… View Post

I have struggled with not being confident my entire life.  When I took the giant step into the fashion blogging universe, I realized that a lack of confidence totally doesn’t fly.  There are so many beautiful ladies in this industry, and after a several months of feeling like I didn’t add up, I sat down with myself one night and just said, “Stephanie, quit it.  You are beautiful exactly the way you are, and no one else is like you, so own that ish.”  Then I made a second decision.  I was going to shop only for clothing that made me feel just as confident on the outside as I was hyping myself up to be on the inside.  I recently partnered up with Kat+Porto and I was so thrilled when I found this stunning MINKPINK playsuit on their website.  When I received it in the mail, I can’t even begin to explain the feeling that came over… View Post