Stripes are my kryptonite.  Seriously, any piece with stripes makes me incapable of denying it due to the charm of the classic print and style.  What drives me even more crazy is a striped piece with a unique twist.  When I saw this dress on the Zaful website, I knew I needed it for just that reason (considering it has a literal twist)!  I’m never sure exactly what I’ll be receiving when ordering from a website designed like Zaful, but I had nothing but a good experience from start to finish – this is my 100% honest review. I was drawn to the unique structure of this dress right away.  It features a bodycon-style mini dress, beneath what looks like a wrap-around skirt which ties into a twist in the front.  However, when you turn around, you’ll notice that it is all one piece, so it is super easy to slip on and off.  The… View Post

I think I’ve made a point in sharing that I am all about comfortable, easy pieces for the summertime, but truly, I love being comfortable all the time.  If comfortable always meant cute, that’s what I would live in.  It’s a wonderful day when you find a brand that not only has comfortable and cute hand-stitched, 100% cotton (which means breathable) pants, but also supports a wonderful cause.  Bohemian Island sells a selection of fun and vibrant harem pants – side note: they have pockets so if that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will – and shorties that are fantastic for lounging, yoga, beach trips, or really just about anything.  Even better, 10% of their proceeds goes to Soi Dog Foundation, an organization that helps look after one thousand stray cats and dogs in Thailand each month.  I’m a serious animal-lover, so knowing that my purchase helps out so many cute fur-babies has me all *heart… View Post

One of the topics that is brought up most often during my meetings with brands is events.  How do they work?  Who shows up?  What do you do there?  And one of the things bloggers often ask is “how do I approach a brand about hosting an event?”  I wanted to cover some of those questions in this post.  I also wanted to share what to wear, because as we all know, that’s the most important part for a fashion blogger! When I have a style event coming up, I try to plan my outfit at least a few days in advance, but a couple of weeks ago, I had three events back to back over the course of three days.  When you spend three days at shopping events, you’re bound to end up purchasing something!  For me, that was this adorable pinstriped playsuit that I snagged at 310 Rosemont during their Hudson… View Post